Start from scratch

When I decided to join this game jam. The first thing that I have done is finding the suitable game engine. 64x64 resolution is crazy!

I want to make a true 8 bit game so that's why I end up with PICO-8. An all-in-one game engine.

I spent one week trying to learn everything from scratch and It's made me a bit confused.

Luckily, there are some tutorial on YouTube and I learned from this series.

* About game concept. 

I look up for easy game play with less instruction. I decided to make an avoid touching game with some mechanic.

Hiding in the light mechanic!

I got inspiration from Samurai Jack. Battle scene between him and Shadow Warrior. The art style is absolutely brilliant!

* About Player&Enemy

Player is the Tiny Circle Light Soul that cannot do anything but only hide in the light and absorb.

Blue Enemy is the Demon.

Purple Enemy is the Gargoyle demon

* About Sound&Music.

PICO-8 has a Music composer itself. It has a few tutorial on YouTube. It's made me very confused and I need to take more time to learn about this.

* About Level Design.

Because It's only 9 level for this game. (exclude introduction level and ending level .) so I split level into 3 type.

Type 1 (1-3) - Many route, Easy-Normal
Type 2 (4-6) - Few route, Normal-Hard
Type 3 (7-9) - Fix route, Hard

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